Horní Suchá

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Industrial Zone Frantisek

In 1991 in Horni Sucha in Karvina region was started construction of coal mine named after the then ruler „Frantisek“. When in mid-1999 came out last carriage of coal and the colliery which gave millions of tonnes, gave the labour to thousands of people and fundamentally changed the face of the village was closed, it seemed that the potential of this place is already exhausted. Nowadays, in the year 2010, before its centenary anniversary, it shows that the opposite is true. After closing down the coal mine, Horni Sucha was facing high unemployment and the threat of a devastated area full of unmanageable iron thieves. That is why began work to transform an old coal mine into a modern industrial zone.

Horni Sucha was the first municipality in the Czech Republic, which took this trouble and yet probably the only one that has caught the effort to a successful end. Given the above, it was certainly not easy – there was nobody to "copy" and learn from. For the transfer down to the municipality and co-reconstruction of the area from the state budget had to be even changed a few laws. It should be noted that the state was very helpful.

Since 2002, the state company Diamo made costly demolition work, in 2005 the area was
free of charge transferred to the municipality and in 2009 were finished works on construction of infrastructure for about one hundred million CZK, where investor was the Ministry of finance from the money to revitalize the Moravian Silesian region after mining and metallurgic activities. In the construction of new industrial building and the reconstruction of the former administration building were involved also EU structural funds.

In the year 2010 there is employed about three hundred people in revised or newly constructed buildings, which occupy about one third of the area. If the entrepreneurs who have rented the rest (there are more than 25 companies), successfully made its intentions, its real that the initial vision to create about one thousands jobs will come true. Operating of industrial zone is no longer loss making. The annual costs and revenues were stabilized both at the amount of about five million CZK. Important is also the fact that this was achieved on existing industry already devastated land and was avoid occupation of new green spaces. Thanks to that was Industrial Zone Frantisek on 26.10.2010 in Agnes Convent in Prague proclaimed the winner of the category "Brownfield of the Year". This competition is organized every year by Ministry of Industry and Trade and by CzechInvest as a formal evaluation of the "Investor of the Year" and "Business Property of the Year ".

It is therefore reasonable to assume that in the year 2011 the area of old colliery will be looking almost the same like hundred years ago. This place will be again like in the last century the place of different jobs and efforts of people who create values for their benefit and also for benefit of future generations.